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Peter Pan Will Always Be Dear To My Heart


This joke will never get old for me because Pan has been very dear to me after watching actor Robbie Kay portrayed the iconic role in the Hollywood TV Series in ABC Network entitled Once Upon A Time.

Kay’s competence as an actor made me fell in love with Peter Pan. The show twisted the story and reimagined Pan as an arrogant and selfish boy. Kay is a screen-charmer! He has this ability to make you look at him on the TV screen as to how long he wants you to gaze. I know he can do a lot more! He is something to watch out for!

Pan admits
Robbie Kay portraying Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time.



It makes me happy that you’re not living anymore in a dystopian world.
Because I know you’re in a better place right now.
We may not be together anymore or maybe only right now,
But I know God and angel’s company is better than mine.

via To Me, He Is Poetry | Candy Feels |

Magic of the Newest Disneyland!

Walt would be proud. The Walt Disney Company seems to have spared no expense in building its sixth theme park which opened June 16 in Shanghai, China after a decade of planning and five years of construction. The $5.5-billion Shanghai Disneyland is a colossal 963-acre park three times larger than Hong Kong Disneyland and anchored…

via Why Disney’s New Shanghai Park Is Its Most Ambitious Yet — TIME


Fairytales Have Bad Endings Too

2015-12-28 22_13_10-The Artidote
As I was scrolling through The Artidote’s facebook page (a new platform where to bond, story-tell, empathize and heal through art) , I happened to see this.

I was swiftly reminded of the No. 1 in my New Year’s Resolutions,


Learn how to move on. MOVE ON

Let him go. LET MYSELF GO



You already tried so many times

You have given him chances that he didn’t take

It’s not about whether it’s his situation that forbid him so

Or worse, he doesn’t just love you back even if he’s made you felt that way

But it’s all up to the fact that he’s not done anything

To have you a space in his life


Yes you may wait

Since nothing is impossible with God

Maybe it’s really the two of you after all

But listen dear,

You don’t deserve to stand by while time goes on

For something unsecured

You must have someone better

Someone compassionate about you, and you alone

Who is not imprisoned on a brutal cage with two keys, wherein you’re one of those

You should not be an option


My love,

Think about it

First and foremost, you never knew

If he feels the same thing towards you

Yes, he had made you felt that way so many times

You have rationalize on every little thing

He did, he said

You have come to conclude that he really likes you too

That he can’t just utter it due to his status

Cause society will also judge the two of you, even what you have is something genuine, something beautiful

But girl, you deserve to be given the words, “I love you too”.

And he didn’t take the oportunity when he had.


Don’t you dare spoil him by saying

His situation is really the reason why

Lovely, you deserve a free man

You are far too young, you can meet a lot out there


And this is the most significant

What if he don’t have feelings for you

Oh damsel, no need for further explanations

You already know you have no place at all


You have to accept that you are not given a closure

That your questions will remained unanswered

You have to accept the situation, forgive yourself for falling with the wrong man in the very first place

Forgive him for treating you in a way that made you more attached, given the chance that maybe he’s really not into you

But if what your gut has been telling you from the very start is true

That both of you found that thing that all people has been searching for in their whole lives

But unable to be together ’cause it’s just too late

Please forgive the situation


It’s been very clear that you’re not part of his present anymore

It’s unhealthy if you continue making him a part of yours

The fairytale is over.




an extemporaneous poem I made and dedicate to myself 💌


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