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We all have idols. We all are fans to somebody. And being a fan comes with the desire to meet our idols in real life. Some had that dream came true already, but some are still there (way to go peeps!). But this girl just had her idol sitting beside her without her knowing. But the most hilarious thing is she even shared the music she’s listening to, to the stranger whom she never realized that is the artist himself.

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When fangirling hurts

Gals have big, big hearts! Aren’t we girls? I wanna hear you screaaaaaaaaaaam!

We love at 101%. That’s just us. This is one of the reasons why those that we idolize, e.g. known personalities like celebrities are really lucky. There are many of us who can do very “fantamazing” things just for them. Stuff that may seem impossible at first, but we still make to happen. When a girl transforms into a fangirl, she turns into a superhero. Defending her idol from his bashers, and supporting him all the way even if it means no sleeping at all just to trend him on Twitter. Liking and sharing her favorite dance group’s new video in YouTube, mentioning her celebrity crush in a post with the knowledge that he mayn’t reply. Buying the brand of cloth that her idol endorses to show bursting loyalty, portraying them in Artista Kalook-a-Like (Celebrity Look-a-Like) competitions in schools, and a lot more efforts!

Girls aren’t insane, just using the full capacity of their hearts. We can truly love a person we really adore, even if he will never come to meet us ever. Loving from afar you know?Well if he helps us to enjoy this life more, then he deserves our affection. Yet sometimes, we get hurt by doing so. Let me share my story: I am an immense fan of the boy band One Direction ( a late one that you’ll understand more by reading this Pick Your Summer Crush!). Niall Horan, the blonde one is my utmost crush among all of them. I followed them on Twitter, even tagging Niall on the post that I linked here a while ago. Oh! If only you know how much I prayed that may a miracle happen. That he will reply with a, “This is so cute! Thanks and love ya too.” But there was none. Soon after it’s okay, and I moved on fast.

I accepted the reality that with the millions of fans mentioning, tagging him in infinite number of posts, I may not standout. Given also that he’s busy with golf things that time, visiting children athletes. However one night, I opened my Twitter then checked my notification. To my surprise I see Niall’s profile picture under the “followed you” notice. I point at the photo, and “Niall Horan” showed. It’s him! What… he followed me? What?! Oh my golly gosh!!!!!!!!! Is this for real? Then I hover again to the picture, yeah it’s him! While dealing with the euphoria, I noticed his followers- not more than ten. Immediately I was like, oh no!

I went to the account, and yes… discovered that it was a fake one! From 1000 ft. above, down to 1000 ft. below the ground- that’s what happened to my beating heart. It was a very painful experience- to be fooled! It’s much excruciating than not being known by Niall or by 1D. Do these parody/ impostor accounts know how much they agonize sweet, innocent hearts? Hope they’ll stop. Oh! Fangirling hurts sometimes, and when it does… it’s just devastating. After that incident, I managed to move on again (glad I’m able to). Here I am continuing my love for the biggest boy band the universe has ever had. I love you Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and of course my Niall Horan! After the break ends, we’re gonna rock again!

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