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The Reality About Swallowing Painful Truths


Ellipsis MAIN

There will come a day
when your mind
will stop thinking
of the reasons why…

There will come a day
when your heart
will stop resisting
the low rhythms of life…

There will come a day
when you learn
to let go of your grip
on things you can’t control…

There will come a day
when you have no words
nor logical thoughts,
and it’s totally fine.

Words and artwork by MV Sorima


Author Heidi Priebe writes the most powerful article she has ever written as of today…

via Read This If You’re Worried That You’ll Never Find ‘The One’ | Thought Catalog

'Runaway Girl' by MV Sorima

Words by MV Sorima

Background from mranai|Flickr

A Dose of Freedom


In ‘The Artidope’

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