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8 Ways Life Sucks The Hell Out Of You

‘Broken Hearts’

Broken Hearts.png


Some broken hearts don’t patch up and one way or another, someday, we just need to accept that. Some pain are there to stay forever. It’s not okay, but eventually we’re going to learn how to live with it. Like a permanent limp.

Words by MV Sorima
Illustration from


8 Things To Remember In Following Your Dreams

Happy Birthday First Love ❤

You’re really old already! HAHA

I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer.

Be happy.

Do all the things that make your heart euphoric.

Reach those dreams.

Stay kind.

Stay handsome.

Workout a bit.

You’re still in a special place in my heart.

And you’ll remain there forever.

My love for you may not be the same romantic love anymore.

But it has evolved to a genuine and profound respect, for you.

For what we had.

For that time.

For that wonderful, short time.


K (396)
“Every feeling has a place…and please give it a place”- RENEE WADE | Photo by DOMINIC PALMA


'Can I Help It?' by MV Sorima

 Words by MV Sorima

Background from


If you have only read my mind,
and heard my heart,
and felt my soul,
you’ll be in tears.
You’ll be filled with wonder.
You’ll ask me why,
but I sure won’t be able to answer
because I don’t know either.
I think, it’s just the way it is.
Believe me,
I also wonder why and how I love that much.



Words by MV Sorima
Photo from Once Upon A Time (TV Series)

Spreading Love In This Messed Up World

Old at Heart

Now I finally understand why I have this feeling that no people of my age can really resonate with me. Why I’m feeling like I am so much ahead of everyone else. It’s all because I AM OLD AT HEART 💜 Read this, you might be one of us too! By the way, we are AMAZING!!!

via 9 Signs You’re An Old Soul ⋆ LonerWolf

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