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     I don’t want to be someone who just brightens your daily life. That’s too easy and that’s too common. A lot of things can do that for you―music, arts, sceneries, pets…you name it all. Instead, I want to be the light that you seek out when everything else seems dark. Not that I want you to rely on me as your foundation—it’s not healthy. But it’s because I want you to believe that voids aren’t permanent. There’s always hope. And if being your light is what it takes to make you believe that there is hope, then I’m ready to be yours.


Words & photo by MV Sorima


‘Foreseen Moment’

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Whenever there comes a new one, I can’t help but give it a try. Even if I know that there’s a great probability that it will fail, I’m still holding on to my core characteristic and that is I’m never short on ‘hope’. I believe even in the smallest dosage. I believe even in the smallest possibility. I learned through time that you need to have faith even on the most impossible things. Yes, sometimes it’s an act of stupidity, but sometimes it’s an act of strength.

There are things which are clearly not worth it, and you have always been taught that ‘hope’ is a word packaged with disappointment and pain. Let me tell you that they’re right, but not all the time. There will come a day when your gut will find its way to be ultimately heard because here in front of you is the foreseen moment of your lifetime.

Words by MV Sorima
Artwork by Britzy Joy Osorio


Is the loveliest word for me
It’s like the sky
The sky’s hue to be exact
Gives that kind of warmth
Which tells you that wherever you’ll be
You will be just fine.

Words and photo by MV Sorima

The kind of guy you should wait for

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