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‘Just Fine’


Hey there! Yes, you.

Just wanna remind you that you’re allowed to be messy and complicated.

Take your time.

You need not to rush.

Grow in your own pace, for yourself and for the people you love.

Celebrate all the ringing questions in your head. Even if they make you dizzy and confused, they are part of one’s life.

Celebrate the times you don’t know what to do with your life, or the moments when you think you’re being left behind. Chances are you’re really not, but if you really are, I know you can catch up.

I know you have done a lot of terrible things that’s why it’s so hard for you to see your greatness. So, let me pat your shoulder for a while and say “YOU ARE DOING JUST FINE.”




‘On A Fluffy Cloud’

Photo from Thinking Minds

I’ve always wanted to see the world from up above. To sit on a fluffy cloud and look down below. To see everything—all at once. To have my hair twisted and flown to every direction by the winds of the high altitude. They always say that when you have a much bigger view of things, you’ll understand your life. So, I really want to go up there. Maybe, just maybe, everything will finally make sense because right now…everything doesn’t.

Words by MV Sorima
Photo from Thinking Minds

15 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Life Instead Of A Person | Thought Catalog

One of the things I am very proud of is that I successfully passed through the roller coaster journey of genuinely loving my life and myself. You know what, after I’ve done that, I felt powerful in a sense that I AM COMPLETE. And feeling like that will surely unleash me to greater things out there that I’m yet to discover! 

via 15 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Life Instead Of A Person | Thought Catalog

Tiny Reasons

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Courtesy of The Artidote

راه گریز (Loophole) (prose).jpg

‘Loophole’ in The Artidope 

via It’s Okay To Give Up On What (Or Whom) You Thought You Wanted | Lifestyle | Online Home Of Fun, Fearless Pinays | Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines |

Piccolo… soon!

Hello there blogosphere!

I’ve been busy with school these past weeks. Being a sophomore is really stressful, but also fun! All our subjects require us to be productive, and here, I’m going to share some parts of a “documentary” we made for our Sociology and Anthropology course.

Entitled “Piccolo”, this docu is all about an out-of-school Badjao boy who works as a barker and parking boy in Mendez Crossing, Cavite, Philippines. I am so much honored to tell his story; being “his” director is a privilege.


Convo of the Day:

– “At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.” ~Sandi Lynn

– “Oh this! Before, this felt oh so very sad. It felt unfair. But now I feel okay. As if the ache faded away. I dunno. I just feel okay. Maybe it’s true that time heals wounds, or we just get used to the madness. Our heart suffered and finally woke up one day when the heaviness disappeared, and our heart feels light again. Maybe it’s the time we have coped up or moved on. That’s when we finally accepted that not all people are meant to be in our lives… AND IT IS TOTALLY FINE.” ~Veroniee

Whatever happens to your fuckin life, please be strong enough to stay on the “good”.


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