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“I see movie reviews as a conversation starter for the movies we see, not as something to tell you to go see a movie or not.”

Joey Paur

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‘Carrie Pilby’ Scriptwriter, Kara Holden, Responded To My Movie Review!

So, I woke up to this news today and I really freaked out! Imagine, a Hollywood writer replied to me and actually read what I wrote! Add the fact that the movie is so special to me!

Kara Holden of Carrie Pilby.jpg

Ms. Kara is the scriptwriter of the film together with Dean Craig. I replied to her response  to which she favorited soon after. Her actor/host/producer husband saw the conversation in Twitter  and favorited too! 

Update: Elaine Harris, executive producer of the film, saw the movie review too and favorited!

What a surreal day!

P. S. You can check out the movie review in the FAB MOVIES section here in my blog! Have a blast!!!

Watch out! For the MOVIE REVIEWS page is about to present its first entry! This introductory film I’m going to talk about is probably the movie that will be my “always favorite”. The one that has a special place in my heart, and is going to remain there forever. Just watched it awhile ago, and my handkerchief is very much soaked. The tagline,  He taught her how to live… She taught him how to love caught my heart, and urged me to take a look at this promising story. It didn’t failed me! Guess it! The first one to answer will have a price! Game!!! 😄

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