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Suffering the consequences of lying for Ebe Dancel

8 Ways Life Sucks The Hell Out Of You

We all have idols. We all are fans to somebody. And being a fan comes with the desire to meet our idols in real life. Some had that dream came true already, but some are still there (way to go peeps!). But this girl just had her idol sitting beside her without her knowing. But the most hilarious thing is she even shared the music she’s listening to, to the stranger whom she never realized that is the artist himself.

Wanna know the whole story? Read…


Girl Does Not Realize She’s Sitting Next To The Guy Whose Music She’s Listening To, And It Escalates Hilariously | Bored Panda


8 Things To Do When He/She Chooses Someone Else Over You

My Snippet of Taylor Swift’s ‘Crazier’| Summer Sessionistas | #Tag2YouthVarietyShow

My second public performance of a Taylor Swift song. I’m in debt to those people who cheered for me HAHA! Thankiee for the people who made this possible. Thankiee Lanie Donato for capturing this!

(c) Dom Mangubat, Joy Bacolod

Roxy fell down during an impromptu reporting!

Britzy and I decided to hang out after class since we don’t have Intro to Mass Communication We went to their house and decided to try out her new electric guitar. We thought about recording  a song or two since she also has a condenser mic, I have a laptop, and we can improvise her room into a studio-type. Unfortunately, the sound card which connects the mic to the laptop produces an irritating sound. Watch how disappointed we really felt about the situation and what happens next!

Me: Kasalukuyan po kaming namomroblema sa sound card na may inilalabas na hindi magandang tunog… (We are currently dealing with our sound card which gives out an irritating sound that can be heard in the background…)

Britzy: Tama ‘yan Krissy! (That’s right Krissy!) (Krissy is a famed TV host here in the Philippines)

Me: Kaya hindi kami makapag-record! (That’s why we can’t start recording!) Para sa iba pang detalye, narito si… (For more details, here is…)

(Then I accidentally tipped over Roxy, Britzy’s acoustic guitar placed behind me. She fell down and we laughed out loud!)

Me: Lagi ko nang sinasaktan si Roxy, patawad Roxy. Hindi sumagot si Roxy dahil galit siya! (I always hurt Roxy, I’m so sorry Roxy. Oh my! She didn’t reply ’cause she’s mad!)

When we watched this again, we can’t help but laugh on how mad my laugh was! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

It’s Alright, It’s Okay by Ashley Tisdale and Chris French- A Cover Version

A Night in Buku-Buku Kafe

The cafe found in District Imus, Cavite, Philippines gave a vibe that I’ve been searching for all through my life…

A game


My first ever Spoken Word Poet Crush!
My first ever Spoken Word Poet Crush!
Spoken Word Poetry Performance
Classmate Troy Tan
Spoken Word Poetry Performance
Spoken Word Poetry Performance
Spoken Word Poetry Performance

A Novice’s Grievance: Wrestling with Tough Guitar Chords

Let’s just accept the fact that one of the most hurtful moments in life will be…

not being able to play the song you had an LSS with, all because you can’t play specific chords that are so difficult for your fingers.

Yeah! It really sucks! By the way, LSS refers to that moment where you can’t control yourself in repeating and humming the last song you listened upon. You get hooked to it, as if the notes were aroma that have gone their way through your nose. Then to your head, to your heart, then to your whole being! Wait, why are you smiling? Did you remember a jiffy of yours in that situation before? What song was that? I’m pretty sure it happened not just once to you, too. With the infinite great songs out there, I can’t blame you nor myself.

Going back, I have this song that I really like. It sounds like a lullaby – Night Changes by One Direction. Just love its slow rhythm opposed to the bands common pop rock genre. Been so eager to play it in my guitar, until now that I found time. Ultimate Guitar has always been a helping hand in times like this. Amazing and helpful site!

I typed the title on the Search Bar then tadaaaa! There are different versions listed. I pick the first one. I instantly grabbed my guitar after seeing that the chords were familiar, and easy to me. I’m almost in the Cloud 9 when I saw “stressful” signs along the breakdown and bridge of the song which goes like these: F#m and C#m

Immediately, I became so down. I knew that those chords were hard, especially for beginners like me. When I got the table of chords from my Mama’s song hits magazine, I saw I’m correct. Can’t even understand what to do with the  )  sign on the first fret of the F#m chord. So I googled it then found the answer. It means that I’ll have to leave the fret where that symbol is placed – blank, no fingers. But you know this chord is still difficult, even the other one. Got my fingers and fingertips swollen. Seems like my feelers were in a gymnastics or ballerina class!


Courtesy of Google Images


Courtesy of Google Images


Yet, this will never be a hindrance to me. I’ll continue practicing, notably now that I’m becoming better and better one step at a time. I’m gonna slay these wtf chords, and gonna play any song I wanted to… soon.

What can you say about this? Are you a music lover too? A singer? A musician? Do you play instruments? How about a time in your life when you faced an obstacle along the way towards a goal or ambition? Tell me your thoughts, your story! 😊 🎵 🎶  🎧

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