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I wore a mask, yes, but still…

I laid all of it in front of you.



Innocence at its finest.

Everything was untainted.

Honeyed but a peculiar kind of sweet.

You got me for who I really am.

Unfortunately, I think it was already late

When you realized what you’ve got.

And what you’ve done.

I was sorry for you.

I was sorry for me.

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Words & photo & set-up by MV Sorima


I became an old soul and it’s alright

This post from my favorite women website is such full of insights. This article will surely be of help to all my amazing girl readers here in Teensy Weensy Gal. Friendship is a very important thing for all of us, even to those who claim that they’re loners. People need company every now now and then, and our friends influence us a lot and vice versa.

I will surely not forget a turning moment in my life when I finally decided to cut off my connection with this girlfriend who has always been an ‘energy sucker’ to me and to our other friends. She sucks our happy, vibrant and radiant vibes almost everyday, so we finally decided to leave her. We want a circle of girlfriends who are objectively positive, supportive of each other’s dreams and intimate with each other’s souls. We want genuine loving relationship, and I don’t know why she’s always been the ‘nega’. She seems to always want to point out the bad in everything and dwell on them forever. Some of her beliefs and values come from her own insecurities. Worst, most of the time, she’s not authentic with herself!!! We tried to help her, telling about her bad attitude and ‘bad mouth’. We did hold on to her because we all want to be of helping hand to her as she change what needs to be ‘really changed’. Many people are quite well aware of her weaknesses that are starting to be toxic to the people around her. In the end, she did filled us to our brim. She don’t want to change, so we let go because it’s already killing us.

“And you know what? That’s the best thing we have ever done. We felt infinite and free after that.”

So, dear amazing girls out there, take friendships seriously because they affect us more than we think they are. Don’t ever hesitate in unfriending those who really needs to be lost in your life. I’ve heard one of our classmates said that she and her circle of friends don’t just surrender on someone just like what we did. But the truth is? She didn’t know our whole story. We got more and more depressed each and everyday because of our ‘toxic’ friend. Walking away from someone who’s mean, insecure, negative and unauthentic is always the right thing to do if after trying to fix things still didn’t helped.

You are a passionate human being.

You are a positive woman.

You are radiant.

You are beautiful.

You deserve people who has the same values as you and people who are ready to ‘connect’.

Read the amazing article by Renee Wade by clicking this link: Is Having Low Value Friends Even Worth It? – Femininity – Dating & Relationship Advice for Women – The Feminine Woman

15 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Life Instead Of A Person | Thought Catalog

One of the things I am very proud of is that I successfully passed through the roller coaster journey of genuinely loving my life and myself. You know what, after I’ve done that, I felt powerful in a sense that I AM COMPLETE. And feeling like that will surely unleash me to greater things out there that I’m yet to discover! 

via 15 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Life Instead Of A Person | Thought Catalog

Read This If You Can’t Imagine Anyone Ever Falling For You

via Read This If You Can’t Imagine Anyone Ever Falling For You | Thought Catalog

When You Realize That The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You | Thought Catalog

When you are in a relationship with someone and all the heavy lifting is put on you then there is no way that person loves you.

Source: When You Realize That The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You | Thought Catalog

I’m Turning 21 and I Have Never Had A Boyfriend | Features |

After reading this lovely article, I’m reminded of the reasons why I chose not to have a boyfriend for now. You know, everyone in my age bracket has their significant others, or someone whom they share a mutual understanding with. I’ll be honest that oftentimes I’m pressured, but fortunately, I haven’t succumbed… This short post speaks for me.

Source: I’m Turning 21 and I Have Never Had A Boyfriend | Features |

Umiibig Ka, Kaya Naman Pala (You’re In Love, That’s Why)

*This is a poem in Filipino intended for spoken word poetry performance 🎤🎭, in our Jose P. Laurel subject. This will be performed by me later. So, goodmorning-goodnight for now. I’ll have a show just in hours.

*Just in case you want to read an English version of this, feel free to comment- I WANT! in the comments section.


Uy! Nakita kita noon, natatandaan ko pa

Wala ka sa sarili, nababaliw ka yata

Kumikislap na dyamante ang ýong mga mata

Tila sa isang payaso ang ngiti saýong mukha,

Walang palya, di mawala-wala


Umiibig ka,

kaya naman pala

Halos di ka na maabot, sa alapaap ay nagpapalaot

Umiibig ka,

kaya naman pala

Nag-iba ang ýong pananalita’t pagkilos, nagkakulay ang buhay mong

Sabi mo ngaý “Matagal nang kupas”

Umiibig ka,

kaya naman pala

Palagi kang sabik bumangon, dalawampung minuto

Sa salamin ang iyong inuubos

Umiibig ka, kaya


Nakita rin kita isang beses, mas tandang-tanda ko

Pero di na nagniningning ang ýong mga mata

Bagkus itoý namamaga, luha ditoý bumabagsak

Nakahalukipkip ka sa isang gilid

Tinanong kita, ngunit sayoý walang pagtugon

Nang ikaý tumunghay saka ko napagtanto

Takot, ikaw ay natatakot


Natatakot kang di magtatagal ang pantasya

Ang sandaling kayliligaya

Ang mga halakhak at pagtawa

Ang pakiramdam ng kamay niya sa mga kamay mo

Ang bugso saýong puso na siya lang ang nakapagdudulot

Dahil sa wakas natutunan mong halos lahat ay lumilipas

Halos lahat ay nagbabago

May mga bagay na sadyang di mo kontrolado

Natatakot kang magising na lang balang-araw na ang pagtingin niya sayoý tuluyan nang naglaho

Natatakot ka kung baka di ganoong kalakas ang pag-ibig ninyo

Upang malagpasan ang lahat ng iyon

Takot kang siya ay mawala, sa kahit na anong pagpapakahulugan niyon


Subalit nakita ko rin nang siyaý nangako

Na habambuhay na siyang didikit sa iyo

Wangis ng isang anino

Wangis ng itim sa puti

Gaya ng tinapay at palaman, ng alak at pulutan

Ng tubig sa pagkaing pagkaanghang-anghang

Ng awayang Purefoods at Ginebra sa Manila Clasico

Ng headset sa cellphone, ng gitara at capo

Ang sabi niyaý “Ikaw ay akin, akoý sayo. Peksman mamatay man”


Hanggang siyaý iyong niyakap at nagpalukob sa mainit niyang pag-irog

Iyong mga pangambaý hinayaang doon ay masunog

Sa wakas ay pinili mong maging matapang

Maniwala, magtiwala at natutong sumuong


Pakakatandaan mo na ang pag-big na ganap, tunay, totoo…

ay malaya sa anumang takot.

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