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Book Review: 10 Secrets of Extraordinary Women

Deep Conversations with Mom: Everything is Just an Illusion

Artwork by
Alisher Kushakov


Let’s say there’s this person and you sort of had a relationship together…whatever kind of relationship or bond it was. Then time passed by and many things have changed and you sort of had a distance between each other. With that distance, you suddenly see everything that happened before in a new perspective. You realized that the person isn’t really the person you thought that he was. All this time, you just imposed a completely different persona upon him. The relationship has already become an integral part of your life. It taught you things that you need to carry on in your life forever. But then, with what you just realized, everything seems to be a lie. How can you cope with that?


I think, right from the start, you already knew who he really is. He might have shown it too as well. You definitely saw and felt it. You just ignored it anyway and went on.


Hitting all the right places!

via The Ugly Truth About Getting Over Someone You Didn’t Date

A Case of “Bottled Feelings”

Love Competition | via The School of Life

I found this video and it really has something insightful to say about love competitions. Enjoy!

(c) The School of Life YouTube Channel

Been there a couple of times throughout my lifetime and damn them all! HAHAHA! Just kidding. You know what’s the most valuable lesson I’ve learned after experiencing all of that?

“Never ever take it personally if someone doesn’t pursue you.”

Read this entry in one of my favorite websites and your head and heart will be cleared of unnecessary thoughts. Or if you can’t relate but you know someone in your life that badly needs support, share this!


via When A Guy Likes You But Just Doesn’t Like You Enough | Thought Catalog

It’s true that our family can be a source of toxic people that can ruin our lives, to be specific- our mental health.

When situations like this happen, what to do? How to act? How to cope? How to stay sane? How to continue having respect? How to continue to love?

I believe that this story will teach us a lot of things.


via My mother and I are polar opposites, but here’s how we built a relationship – Preen

8 Ways Life Sucks The Hell Out Of You


I wore a mask, yes, but still…

I laid all of it in front of you.



Innocence at its finest.

Everything was untainted.

Honeyed but a peculiar kind of sweet.

You got me for who I really am.

Unfortunately, I think it was already late

When you realized what you’ve got.

And what you’ve done.

I was sorry for you.

I was sorry for me.

In The Beginning, It Was Nothing But Purity.jpg

Words & photo & set-up by MV Sorima

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