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‘The Clutter of Everything’


I wonder what we will do if our ears have filters. I wonder about all the decisions we can bravely make for ourselves by choosing what we believe in and not allowing the world’s clutter of noise to separate us from what we really want.


Words by MV Sorima

Illustration by Jenny Yu


'No Pretenses' (poetry).jpg

Nine Signs You’re Really an Introvert | Psychology Today

Great article about introversion. Proud introvert here!

Source: Nine Signs You’re Really an Introvert | Psychology Today

From Our Readers: What It’s Like To Be An Introvert | Features |

Hey yo introverts like me! You may want to see this 👇


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being one.

Source: From Our Readers: What It’s Like To Be An Introvert | Features |

Self-centered individuals? Don’t judge too early!

Via The Artidote’s Facebook Page.

The Artidote always speaks up for my unspoken musings.

“People think this exploration of self is self-centered and selfish, but I notice that whenever I clear up something for myself it quickly affects everyone around me, as if it were a psychic liberation which in turn affects others’ conflicts. My change of mood affects shopkeepers, bus drivers, policemen, cleaners, messenger boys, besides those close to me. It is like the distribution of a positive current. It is more powerful than the self-sacrifice of the so-called selfless ones, for inevitably sacrifice brings some kind of inner depletion and all the gold vibrations are extinguished.”

—Anaïs Nin


Artwork by Marion Fayolle


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