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Today, I turned 17

Teenage life is the hardest chapter in each of our own stories. We are kept in between the chambers of innocence and adulthood. We are in the TRANSITION itself. And who the hell will disagree that every adaptation, every change, can be overwhelming (even in the slightest degree)?

These past months, I have been given A LOT. I suffered from a series of mishaps caused by countless uncontrollable forces, and mainly because of being in the adolescent phase of my journey. BUT, I HAVE SURVIVED THEM ALL! I am still alive and kicking, laughing and choking… LOL!

This is my lame excuse for shouting out to the vast universe that this is MY BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I have been empowered, and no other gift can compete with that.

I wanna share to you the 17 adorable gifts I received for my big day:

  1. I BECAME STRONGER. Who will not be when faced by consecutive difficulties?
  2. I BECAME BRAVER. When you already encountered a lot of shit, you’re not afraid anymore for what’s next.
  3. I BECAME FAMILY-ORIENTED. Something this year made me realize that I’m being shallow with my relationship to my family. I’m glad I changed before it’s too late.
  4. I BECAME AN ADVOCATE OF VERSIMILITUDE. Versimilitude refers to the truths of life. I became the type of person who constantly lives by vanishing the influences of the fake truths made by this disgusting world, instead, I have this specs which rationalizes everything if it’s really how it should be or not.
  5. I BECOME VULNERABLE. Wait peeps! It’s not what you think. When I say vulnerable, I mean the ability to allow oneself to feel everything and anything. To absorb all, BUT do not allow these to manipulate one’s self. Cause when you plant your emotions deep down, and forced it to be kept there, I promise… it will rebel and will come out soon. Uncontrollable and in outrage.
  6. I GET TO BE MORE SECURE ABOUT MYSELF. I became secure on some things concerning the REAL ME. I became assured of stuff that I’m really passionate about.
  7. I HAD A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON SOCIALIZING. Before, if you and I don’t resonate… bye! Now, if you don’t belong in the same circle I’m in, I’ll still be approachable and I won’t try to avoid you.
  8. I BECAME RISKY. I cut my very long hair to mid length, and I treat myself with side bangs (that I usually wear full, sounds crazy right?) And you know what, I’m eyeing for another look. I have been sticking on straight long hair (with no vividness at all) for my entire life, seeing that this suits me best. Well yes, it really does. But now, I want to change my overall look. I just wanna change. I don’t care on what will be the result, I just want a change. It has been very boring!
  9. I TOPPED AGAIN! One day, I was called to the office of the Vice President for Administration/ Registrar of my university. I was informed that the staff has collected the names of the students, who had the highest grades last semester. I am one of them. We met and I learned that they were Valedictorians/with honors too way back in high school. We are both scholars too. And guess what, I had the highest Grade Point Average of them all. And in line with that, I’m eyeing ₱9 000-₱12 000 reward, to be given by the Commission on Higher Education (praying very hard on this one).
  10. I BECAME A MEMBER OF THE ARTIDOPE. A community of artists,writers, and poets. It is really true that if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.
  11. I HAVE ESTABLISHED THIS BLOG! No need of any explanation here (insert wink haha).
  12. I AM ON MY WAY TO BECOMING REAL INDEPENDENT. In driving my own path, in deciding for little, and and most especially big things, and a lot more.
  13. I HAVE KNOWN MY WORTH. This is my main motto in life: I AM ENOUGH. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ENOUGH!!!!!!
  14. I GOT TO KNEW MEN BETTER. I have my relationship coaches, whom have been teaching me a lot since I got to know them. I wanna be straight. Yes, I’m only 17. I need not to dive in these matters yet. But it is better to be informed on the basics before plunging. I know someday, I get to fuel up my lovelife (LAUGH OUT LOUD!), and I do not want to fail in so tiny things (awwww).
  16. I LEARNED THAT LIVING A SIMPLE YET SUSTAINABLE LIFE IS ENOUGH. It’s not always about money or “being a rich kid”.
  17. I’VE KNOWN GOD MORE. My faith on Him is already undestroyable.


One more year and I’ll officially become a woman. To the future lady within me, I AM CLOSE TO BEING READY FOR WELCOMING YOU. And to this girl right now, typing, YOU GO GIRL!

HAPPY SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY TO ME!1d31baa733efabda430298c3c40f465e

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