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My Much Anticipated Contract Signing As A Novel Author And A Fun Trivia About A Violet Handbag I Only Used For That Event

My Journey To Becoming A Published Author, Some Spoilers On My Debut Novel And Many More!

Just Found Launchora!

Good news!

So I found about this amazing site, Launchora.

Launchora is a community, a place many storytelling enthusiasts call home.

At launchora, you can write and share anything you want – from your life experiences to the figments of your crazy imagination, genre no bar. Read stories by people like you from around the world, interact with the community, get feedbacks on your stories, or simply embark on unique storytelling adventures and challenges.

We are a storytelling community – by the people, for the people.

Everyone has a story. Start writing yours…

Launchora gives writers all over the globe the opportunity for expression, learning, interaction, exposure. Add the fact that it has a very aesthetic theme! I am very much blessed to have found another platform to show my talents! It’s going to be so much fun! You guys should try it too!

‘Carrie Pilby’ Scriptwriter, Kara Holden, Responded To My Movie Review!

So, I woke up to this news today and I really freaked out! Imagine, a Hollywood writer replied to me and actually read what I wrote! Add the fact that the movie is so special to me!

Kara Holden of Carrie Pilby.jpg

Ms. Kara is the scriptwriter of the film together with Dean Craig. I replied to her response  to which she favorited soon after. Her actor/host/producer husband saw the conversation in Twitter  and favorited too! 

Update: Elaine Harris, executive producer of the film, saw the movie review too and favorited!

What a surreal day!

P. S. You can check out the movie review in the FAB MOVIES section here in my blog! Have a blast!!!

J.K. Rowling Shares Advice to Writers | Bookstr

via J.K. Rowling Shares Advice to Writers | Bookstr 

What a nice motivation from the famous writer! Yey!!!

I just started a facebook page of me being a budding writer. It would be a great help to me if you can spare a like or two, and share it with your friends. I am very much into this journey of being a famous writer and poet, so I’m needing all of your help. God bless to all of you, and have a blast!

Below is the link of the page, or you can go right down below this website. You can see a facebook plugin of the page at the bottom right side.

MV Sorima

Justified (prose).jpg

Justified in ‘Artflop’

Ultimate College Dream: Laurel Leaf’s Family

YES! YES! YES! I’ve got in!

It was simply like this: like all of my wishes came true… all at once!!! That’s how I felt after I have read the email sent to me, confirming my recruitment. I was actually late in knowing the big news, for I’ve not opened my email for some time. It was late at night when I got to know, that’s why I can’t scream in the house (my Papa will kill me!).

TheLaurelLeaf-The Beginning

You may not even have the slightest idea how much this is for me. After knowing that I’m now an official contributor in our school paper, I was assured that the rest of my college life will be more colorful and fun! That my remaining years are already solved. Campus Journalism family has always been the family that I’ve been with since I entered school- Ang Bukang Liwayway (primary), Ang Tagaytay Breeze (secondary)… and now, my ULTIMATE COLLEGE DREAM– to be a part of The Laurel Leaf. 

All I can see is a very bright future ahead of me- brighter than the sun. I owe everything to you Jehova, my God, for giving me such talent and determination. I owe to you my bravery during the interview, my skills in writing my sample works. I owe to you my friends who got my back when I was at the interview area, my friends who may be distant- but I know are supportive of my dreams and ambitions.

This success, I dedicate to my Campus Journalism families back then.

Long live campus journalism! Long live writing!


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