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When I was a little girl, I swore to myself that one day, I’ll have my own ISBN (International Standard Book Number). I said that I’ll have my own book and I’ll be proud of the first ISBN that will be assigned to it. I dreamed about it because it symbolizes that you’re a real author. That you have your work in the market. That it’s legit.

My book has been released, but still in digital format as of now as numerous paperbacks are pending in the publishing house. In the publishing house’s website, you can read the first three chapters of my novel. It’s just a preview, so a lot of pages are hidden. Then a couple of days ago, finally, my publisher sent me MY COPY of my debut novel in digital format. And when I saw the ISBN, I just felt my heart jumped because this is it.

My book has been released a long time ago, but it still fascinates me how dreams really do come true after all the passion and efforts you’ve poured out. I get to have my ISBN (not technically mine, but still haha!).

And just a couple more days to go, I might get my anthology of prose and poetry as well as a new novel of mine in a contract deal with another publisher. The waiting time is almost over. Cross fingers, hoping, praying. And by next year, through Sir Pong’s help (he’s my Film Appreciation and Production professor), a bigger opportunity is waiting.

The joy in my heart is already up to the brim. I’m looking forward to becoming a writer who won’t be boxed in only one line of work or genre or whatsoever.

2018 has been a wonderful year for my writing career.

To the people who have been by my side all throughout, you know who you all are. I love you!

#IfIChoose #KaiEsperanza


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‘I Didn’t Write A Line Or Two’

I Didn't (prose)

And I said to myself, “I won’t write about him.” Because all the people that I’ve written about before, I lost them all. Some I lost gradually. Some I lost in an instant. And I can’t stand to lose him. So I kept myself from writing a piece of poetry or a line of my musing of him. I tried hard not to grab a pen and make him immortal in papers. But still, the day came when I lost him. Now, I can’t blame anything or anyone for I didn’t write. I thought that we escaped the curse of my writing, but it turns out that I’m destined to lose people anyway.


Words by MV Sorima

Art from Pinterest (credits to the rightful artist)


I Judged For Midnight Collective’s #GigilSiAko Spoken Word Battle And The Experience Was An Eye-Opener

Ending up on the Tiny Buddha site and reading this article is destiny. I typed I’m lost in the search bar and Google gave me tons of links. There are interesting reads, but this one just got to me. Why? The circumstance of the writer is very much the same with mine. Especially on the part where he said that he love writing (although writing a book or telling stories is so cumbersome for him that he looked for an alternative which is songwriting; in which in my case I am writing a book or a story , and it’s really hard like he said, but I’m still continuing because I love it), I really felt him.

This article just made me feel alright.

“So don’t be afraid to lose yourself. The individual that comes out of the maze might just surprise you.”

via Feeling Lost and How It Can Help You Find Yourself

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My Journey To Becoming A Published Author, Some Spoilers On My Debut Novel And Many More!

Ultimate College Dream: Laurel Leaf’s Family

YES! YES! YES! I’ve got in!

It was simply like this: like all of my wishes came true… all at once!!! That’s how I felt after I have read the email sent to me, confirming my recruitment. I was actually late in knowing the big news, for I’ve not opened my email for some time. It was late at night when I got to know, that’s why I can’t scream in the house (my Papa will kill me!).

TheLaurelLeaf-The Beginning

You may not even have the slightest idea how much this is for me. After knowing that I’m now an official contributor in our school paper, I was assured that the rest of my college life will be more colorful and fun! That my remaining years are already solved. Campus Journalism family has always been the family that I’ve been with since I entered school- Ang Bukang Liwayway (primary), Ang Tagaytay Breeze (secondary)… and now, my ULTIMATE COLLEGE DREAM– to be a part of The Laurel Leaf. 

All I can see is a very bright future ahead of me- brighter than the sun. I owe everything to you Jehova, my God, for giving me such talent and determination. I owe to you my bravery during the interview, my skills in writing my sample works. I owe to you my friends who got my back when I was at the interview area, my friends who may be distant- but I know are supportive of my dreams and ambitions.

This success, I dedicate to my Campus Journalism families back then.

Long live campus journalism! Long live writing!


MV Sorima a.k.a. Teensy Weensy Gal received first Blogger Recognition Award

I can’t believe it too! When I saw it was real, I looked like I’m slapped so very hard by a friend of mine who has no reason at all to do it! (Yeah! That’s my reaction). Blankness all over my cute-pretty face (that’s how I see myself…sorry…LOL 😂) as I placed my hand on my chest− it’s ready to burst! Then it did. 😝 I want to spread the news immediately to my family. The joy is too much that’s why I need to pass it on; more importantly, one of the reasons why TWG is created is for me to earn money (you know… money blogging) to support them. Having this achievement is a huge step towards that goal!

First of all, thankieee soooooooooooooo much to writeshefali for nominating me! You made me the happiest person that day! Really! Totally! ✋ 😄

Teensy Weensy Gal started on the first chapter of 2015.


The very first blog address was which changed to, and finally to


It may seem like just a year ago, but for me… too many things happened! 😌 My blog has gone through a lot: from posts who didn’t gain any readers at all to posts who gain likes seconds after being published; from no comments/ feedbacks at all to people who share their thoughts; from having 0 followers and email subscribers to a fair share of people whom I now considered as family (yieeeeeeeee! 😚 😘) ; from no compliments at all to a number of bloggers who say that TWG is amazing. Been through times when I was an M.I.A. (missing-in-action) ❔ ; then I see to it that I’ll never do it again ☝ , so I post a lot and regularly. More people are getting to know this passion of yours truly, and in school I already have this “blogger image” I am very proud of! 👸 😊

It was and it is so much fun; though in the beginning all the efforts are not being returned back, but still being able to write alone and share it to the public is fulfilling to me. Even if no one reacts (LOL! 😜 ), but now that it’s being the other way around one step at a time− I am so happy… more than happy ❗ ❗ ❗ Now I have proven that 

What you give to the universe, it will reciprocate back… with a bonus!

(Kung ano ang ibigay mo sa kalawakan ay siyang ibabalik nito sa’yo…

nang may interes pang kasama!) – Juan Miguel Severo, Spoken Word Artist

I’ve given all my heart to my work, and at the right time I received/receiving my reward! 💎 🏆 ✨ That’s why to all newbie bloggers out there, I have one big lesson to impart to all of you:  

Give everything you can, your very best and all your heart to what you’re passionate about. It will surely be worth it in the end! It’s because in the first place− when you love, you will never lose.

I’m nominating other bloggers too. I’ll just update them in their respective blogs (Oh! This is gonna be tough. There are many magnificent bloggers out there. 😍 Haays! If only I can nominate all!). To end this, I want to dedicate it all to God Jehova. For your divine grace given to me, I am now enjoying this wonderful blessing! You gave me strength to continue. You gave what I deserve. Thank you so much! You really never loses in the game of generosity! I love you. Also, I would want to dedicate it to Kelsey Telo (The Retrodare ). A friend but more like a sister. We have always been together in this journey. I firmly believe that my success is hers too, and hers will be mine. 

Hope & Hugs, MV



P.S. Rules for participating in Blogger Recognition Award 

Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. Write a post to show your award. Attach the award to the post. Give a brief story of how your blog started. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Comment on each blog. Let them know you have nominated them, and provide a link to the award post you created. 😉

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