Wazzup! I’m the owner of this cute, simple and worth-the-time blog. I’m a teensy weensy gal, an honored Filipina, a night owl (but I know this is bad especially for low-blooded humans like me… so I’m trying to change) and a movie addict. Many folks see me as an achiever, the girl-who-tops-everything, the Number One. My family says I’m bossy and at the same time shy. My friends will definitely say I’m the serious type and has a good girl vibe. But for me, I see myself as a girl who’s currently in the journey of finding herself. A girl who firmly believes that one day she’ll get to that point where there will be no confusions…when she’ll finally and confidently face the world with a genuine knowledge of who she really is.

*Besides this blog, I’m a romance novelist under the pen name Kai Esperanza in Bookware Publishing Corporation. I also contribute to The Millionaire’s Digest, Artflop (editor), Launchora and The Artidopeso also check out my posts there!